About Us

Allo, powered by Telcom Oman (TeO), a Class-1 Telecom Licensee in Oman by Royal Decree, is Oman's first and only over-the-top (OTT) telecommunication brand providing international voice services to both mobile and fixed line customers.

We seek to be the new star in the Omani telecom market as well as a first-of-its kind integrated telecommunication and technology provider in the entire region. All our services are available as OTT services, meaning anyone can benefit from them using their existing mobile or fixed line connections without requiring any change in operators, contracts or subscriptions while our innovative product portfolio allows customers to connect to anyone in the world through both GSM and IP-based VoIP network. We have built this brand with a promise to provide Fantastic Prices, Great Convenience and Excellent Quality to our customers.

Our innovative product portfolio has been designed with your needs in mind so that you can enjoy our 5-star experience:

  • Lowest Rates - We offer the lowest international calling rates available in the market, whether you call from your landline or mobile phone, or from your office or home.
  • 24/7 Flat Rates - Our unbelievable prices are the same whether you call during the day or at night, so with Allo you can make inexpensive calls when it suits you.
  • No Subscription - Our services are available to anyone and you do not have to change your existing service provider to benefit from them. We won't even charge you a subscription fee to benefit from our market leading prices.
  • Easy-to-Use - Whether you download our mobile app or purchase our fixed line device, you'll find our services extremely easy to use and will be instantly able to connect and make international calls.
  • Superb Voice - We have built an ultra-modern and robust Next Generation Network (NGN), so when you make international calls with Allo, you will be surprised with our superb voice quality.